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i took lots of nice cloud pictures on the plane :-)

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Palm trees are not native to Southern California, and were planted solely for ornamental reasons, providing nothing substantial to California other than aesthetic value. Foreign and distant from the world below, the palm trees are seemingly endless as they align the roads of Los Angeles. 

The recurring palm trees in Mulholland Drive seem to point at the highest point of the glamorous, but dangerous dream of fame and glory. The tree’s position as a mere ornament is just one of many references Lynch makes to both the façades of Hollywood and its obsession with beauty and the idealized dream world many envision it to be.

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photograph is worth a thousand words

its powerful

Nobody is born a racist.

omg, this should be relboged millions of times.

nobodys born racist, society teaches it

this is beautiful

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I’m going to kill myself tomorrow


Drawings Made of a Single Line

The Croatian graphic artist Paolo Ceric created the images of a single spiral line. The effect works similarly to a printing process. The line spacing is larger in bright areas, while the lines are closer in dark areas. 

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